C O M I S S I O N 

Northwest-based artist, Haelyn Y, creates paintings and drawings for private commissions in oil, acrylic, and charcoal.  She loves to work on portraits with subjects ranging from people to pets and movements in dance, music, and sports.  She also delights in doing the semi-abstract portrait style of Gustav Klimt as well as other masters.  Each portraiture captures the essence of the individual by color and patterns.  This makes her commission work something that is unique and one-of-a-kind to be cherished for a lifetime. 
Final drawing
Work in progress

To inquire about commissioning a piece, please fill out the form below and briefly describe the subject, size, medium, style, color, completion date, and approximate budget.  If you want to commission a portrait, please also attach a digital photo for reference. 
A 30% deposit is required for all commissions.  The deposit is fully refundable if you do not like the final product and decide not to make the purchase.  However, please note that you will be relinquishing the right to your image for the portrait as the artist will sell the commissioned piece in the open market to recoup the time and material invested in your commissioned work.
The pricing for commissioned work is determined based on the size in square inches and by technique and style.  Shipping will be charged at cost to the client.  For those commissioning from outside the U.S., any VAT or customs fee will be the responsibility of the client.
If you would like to reduce the cost of shipping for larger painting on canvas pieces, the artist offers an option to ship the work on unstretched canvas in a mailing tube, which drastically reduces the volume of the package.
Please feel free to contact Haelyn with any questions you may have regarding commissioning.